Everyone is aware with the importance of bedroom. It is that part of the house where a person can be himself or herself.  It is that place where a person keeps his/her secrets and fears.  Also, it is a place where a person rests and sleeps, so that his/her body can be recharged and renewed, ready for the next day.

Investing in bedroom furniture is not just for aesthetics' sake.  When a person sees beauty in his/her sanctuary, the soul is refreshed and sleep is more rejuvenating.  However, in our world today, beauty alone is not the only consideration in choosing furniture.  A person has to consider the functionality, durability, and the price of the furniture.  With the rising cost of living, the furniture that has the cheapest price became the main factor, disregarding the rest.  In doing so, beauty is compromised; the soul does not feel satisfied, and his/her sleep is not as good as he/she would hope.